JSC Geolimbas works with both private customers and companies, performs all geodetic services by their order.

Geodetic works on construction site, control (geodetic) photographs of engineering networks, cadastral (geodetic) measurements of land plots and buildings, preparation of topographical plans and others. Our qualified employees are interested in quality and timely done work. More about our services:

Land parcel formation and conversion projects

Land parcel formation and conversion projects are prepared by dividing land plots, consolidating, redistribution of ownership, forming new land plots near existing buildings and other cases. This service is provided for all purpose land parcels.

Rural development projects

Construction on agricultural land without changing its purpose is allowed if the farmer’s homestead is built on at least 0.5 ha of land. Therefore, a simpler choice is the formation of a farmer’s homestead. The construction of a farmstead is permitted only when a rural development project is being prepared. In the course of such a project, the selection of the place of the homestead, formation and design of the homestead is carried out. Only then a building permission will be held and a farmer’s homestead might be constructed.

Cadastral (geodetic) measurements of land parcels

Cadastral (geodetic) measurements of land parcels – measurements that accurately measure the boundaries of the land parcel, calculate the exact area of the land parcel, fix the boundary marks, coordinate the boundary marks. Cadastral (geodetic) measurements can be used to accurately restore the boundaries of a plot if no boundary marks have survived. These measurements are made upon request of the owner or by selling, renting or donating land in urban areas. This service allows you to find out the exact boundaries of the area of land ownership, so the service is relevant to both natural and legal persons.

Preparation of topographic plans

Topographic plans are prepared prior to any design work. Topographic plans depict relief, underground constructions. Topographic plans are drawn up before planning or design work. The plans should be made in accordance with the established procedure of all organizations and municipalities operating the engineering networks.

Control (geodetic) photographs of engineering networks

Engineering networks control (geodetic) photographs are taken before and after construction. First of all a vertical and horizontal photo of underground engineering networks are taken, that reflects all the underground engineering networks, and their location on the ground. When the construction is completed and the environment is repaired, the final situation and relief are recorded. The established engineering networks may be operated only after the geodetic control photographs have been performed and agreed upon.

Aerial mapping by drone

We carry out aerial mapping by drones and create the newest orthophotographic maps. Inspection of various objects can be made, we can measure and make plans of hard-to-reach territories using drones.

Geodetic works on the construction site

Geodetic works on the construction site are an essential part of construction. The geodesist begins to participate at the very beginning of construction. It marks the parcel of land and the axis of the designed house. According to the current regulations, cadastral measurements of the land parcel and buildings must be performed before the design work is started, then topographic photographs are prepared and engineering networks are examined. Only then a construction project can be started.

Plans for a notary contract

When it happens that one parcel of land has more than one owner, the co-owners need to agree exactly on the boundaries of their land. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the land use procedure must be certified by a notary. The plan shall be drawn up on the basis of the agricultural area under management in the register and the operation in kind. The plan depicts the land shares of the co-owners. This plan is necessary to draw up a notarial agreement between co-owners.

Cadastral measurements of buildings

Cadastral measurements of buildings are the precise recording of the size, value, physical condition, changes or other indicators of real estate. These measurements are carried out by constructing, reconstructing or transform the buildings in any other way. These indicators are needed for real estate accounting, transactions, taxation, property and property rights registration, also to split or separate buildings. This is one of the most important factors in registering or defining real estate. During measurements, the constructions are accurately measured, their areas, volumes and the average market value of the building are calculated. Often this service is called simply an inventory of buildings.

Calculation of ground volumes

Calculation the volume of soil, various ditches and dykes at the construction site.

All services are regulated by law and supervised by the relevant authorities, so different documents are required when ordering any services.


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