We provide geodetic and cadastral measurements in a qualitative and prompt way, draw up topographic plans.


Our company employs only professionals with the great expertise in their field.


Quality of our service is provided by the certificates of qualification issued by the National Land Service.


Land parcel formation

Land parcel formation and conversion projects define the boundaries of land plots. 

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Rural development projects

Formation of farmer’s homestead on agricultural land without changing its purpose.

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Cadastral (geodetic) measurements of land parcel

In this way, the land parcel plan, area and other data are determined.

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Preparation of topographic plans

Topographic plans depict relief, underground constructions.

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Control pictures of engineering networks

First of all a vertical and horizontal photo of underground engineering networks is made.

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Aerial mapping

We carry out aerial mapping by drones, orthophotographic maps.

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Geodetic works on the construction site

The geodesist begins to participate at the very beginning of construction.

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 Plans for a notary contract

The plan shall be drawn up on the basis of the agricultural area under management in the register and the operation in kind.

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Cadastral measurements

It is a precise fixation of the size, value, physical condition, changes or other indicators of real estate.



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    Kęstutis Mendelis, Head of the company
    I have already entrusted a number of tasks to this company's team. They really know their job well and always find solutions even in difficult situations.


We always offer professionally and timely done work.

We carry out all geodetic measurements using modern equipment and the quality of services is ensured by the certificates of qualification and the huge experience of our employees.


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